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Last strike  18:48:06   Distance: 653 km   Direction: 197°    Deviation: 3.9 km   Strength: 0.00 kA   Last strike     Distance:    Direction:   
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Blitzortung network stats
56280 Strikes
8899 (17:48 - 18:48) Max hour
585 Max trackers/strike
Blitzortung stats from vejret i søllested
11073 Strikes
2215 (15:50 - 16:50) Max hour
17 km Closest
4676 km Farest
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The viewer shows lightning-data from the Blitzortung-network [BO] and/or a single Boltek Stormtracker [BOL] depending on what the station has available. Blitzortung data has good accuracy (because of GPS) but with slightly slower updates while Boltek Stormtracker have realtime updates but with lesser accuracy. Blitzortung data covers whole Europe while usual coverage for a Boltek Stormtracker is a radius of about 600 km from the station.

Blitzortung.org is a private network of lightning tracker stations with more than 480 trackers in Europe. They catch the electromagnetic signals of strikes. Together with the time stamp the position of a strike can be calculated out of the signals (TOA - time of arrival method). You will find more information on the main site of the project: www.blitzortung.org.
Accuracy of Blitzortung is quite good and is usually lower than 1 kilometer. This is equal to commercial strike detection companies and metoffices.
To participate you have to build your own receiver (costs about 200 Euro). With that, you can participate in the network and you will get access to all strike data